Fish Farming Design And Build

Fish Farm Design & Build

Fish FarmingFish farming is a complex business. Whether it be cage farming in lakes or full recirculation systems we have built them all. From half tonne systems through to 100 tonne systems. Fish farming is a complex matter but the rewards can be massive. We have over 9 Years experience in building Fish Farms and aquatic facilities.

Fish farming

Fish farming takes many differnet shapes from food fish to lake stocking fish and ornamental fiah like Koi Carp. The money can be significant but the risk is always great when dealing with live fish. But with everything risk=reward. If you would like a or even a quick talk through the pros and cons to fish farming dont hesitate to give me a ring 07973 663290 We can design fish farms and hatcheries from and size but everyone is different.

Full Traing given on all systems and fish breeds

Hatchery Design and build

Equipment Supply

Planning Permissions

Grow On Tanks

Feed Supply

Target Market Appraisal

Indoor or outdoor Farming

Cage Farming in existing pools


Fish Farm Design and build.

We specialise in building fish farms for marine and freshwater. We work all over the world from Africa to Scotland. The Fish Farms we build are made to be used with low pwer consumption and can run on as little as 60 watts. The fish farms are designed to be easily managed to give time critical solutions for grading and harvesting fish

We have a specialist team of Design engineers, Aquaculture engineers and marine biologists to tackle and fish farm design and build. We can also do feasibility studies for fish farms and Fisheries. We can provide valuations on fisheries and fish farms for resale

Fish farms

Fish farms vary from caged sea systems to complicated commercial recirculation systems. In today’s world you can grow fish using various methods but don’t always need plenty of water. If you are using a RAS recirculation aquaculture system or fish hatchery then all you need to replace each day is only 10% of the water. These systems can be very large up to thousands of tonnes of fish per day or very small up to 200 kg. Whatever your need give us a call to design the fish farm that is right for you. Below you will see our design software in action which calculates everything from air bubble size to fish growth rates.

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