Lake Netting Fish Removal

Netting lakes is done for a veriety of reason. Lake netting can be for cropping fish and selling off the excess. Lake netting can be for removing predator fish, this can then help fish reproduce. Lake netting may be needed in an emergency if there is a low oxygen problem or lake aeration problem. Netting lakes can be very hard work. There are a couple of options for lake netting with us. we can provide the labour and nets or just one person to oversea the netting and the nets. We have been netting lakes for over 9 years, we have netted 10 acre gravel pits as well as resevoirs or small pools.

For cropping of fish

When we net lakes we can crop the fish for you. This means taking fish away, we give the fish a health check and move them to another lake. The fish are bought by the pound and can be taken as payment for the lake netting.

Lake Netting Costs

Two Man Team with Nets £400 Per Day

Four Man Team With Nets £600 Per Day

Fish are bought for cash.

We use electro fishing and seine nets for catching the fishm we then move them in large fish transportation tanks

We net pike roach bream tench carp crucians goldfish bream

lake netting fish removallake netting removing fish