Fishery Consultancy

I have been in the Fishery business for over 9 Years. The first Fishery i purchased was sold 5 years later for over double what i paid for it. I still own two fisheries that continue to thrive and get better every year. I am completly self taught and have made alot of mistakes, the great thing about this is i have made them so you dont have to. My work as a fishery consultant covers every aspect of fisheries.

Lake Aeration. Lake aeration is important in all pools, did you know that fish grow 33% quicker with lake aeration. And also eat and get caught 33% more than without lake aeration.

Fish Stocking, This one is the big one, how many fish do i stock in my fishery, when do i stock. i can help with all these as well as supplying fish directly from my fish farm to fisheries. Stocking a fishery is important to give the correct balance on fishing and quality of life for the fish. Fish get stressed very easily and with stres comes illness and death. We also advise on fish stocking after a disease outbreak like KHV, this is always kept confidential. This is so important and a test should be done before this happens.

Selling Your Fishery For Free.

Why pay charges on your fishery for sale when you sell it. Most fisheries for sale are expensive and the charges are very expensive normally 2% of the fishery cost. We do somthing slightly differnet that could save you a fortune. We can come along and value your fishery for a simple cost of £400. After the valuation we will add your fishery for sale to our fisheries for sale page totally free, we will then market your fishery in the search engines totally free. Upon the sale of your fishery all we ask is you give our details for future use for stocking and advice. So you can sell your fishery for free. Call Today.

Fishery Planning Permission

This is a minefield and is very important to get it right first time or you could restrict future uses. We specialise in planning permissions for fisheries and fishery accomodation. We can also help with appeals provideing a planning permission report for thr local council. Call today for more details

My Charges,

I charge £350 per day for my consultancy services with free telephone backup for any fishery problems.